Experienced, Responsible Leadership

  • Former KS State Representative 1998-2004

  • House Insurance Committee Chair 2003-2004

  • KS House Elected Majority Whip 2001-2002

  • Former FAA Enforcement Attorney

  • Currently Compliance Auditor of KS Securities

Patricia's Plan

Conservative Fiscal Accountability - Tax dollars are YOUR dollars

  • County government needs to stop wasting our tax dollars. Government needs to be held accountable for how your tax dollars are spent. (The King Louie bldg purchase with Millions of our precious tax dollars has been a fiasco of a white elephant as it sits mothballed with no purpose).

  • I promise a top to bottom review of every county agency and departments' budgets to ensure your tax dollars are being spent wisely and effectively.

Stop Business as Usual

  • It is time to break the cycle of rising real estate taxes which burden our families, seniors and businesses; government needs to learn to do more with less.

  • Now in these still difficult economic times, we need to level the playing field for all businesses large and small and loosen burdensome regulations.

Keep the Sheriff's Office Autonomous and fund its needs-

  • I believe it is important that the Sheriff's office remain an elected office and would ensure it is adequately funded to meet the needs of the county.

County Leadership in our State Capitol -

  • Johnson County government needs to take an active, leadership role in working with our state elected officials on legislation that affects our county.

  • As a former State Representative, I understand our legislative process and would work hard in Topeka to have our voices heard on issues important to us.

Are you ready to make a difference in Johnson County?

"As your County Chair, my priorities include stopping the cycle of property and sales tax increases , bringing transparency to the county's spending, promoting a business climate open to companies of all sizes, preserving property rights, and protecting our county's most vulnerable citizens while fostering a culture of life." - Patricia Lightner

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